Tips on Choosing a Countertop Surface

Your countertop surface should match your lifestyle. Whether you’re constantly cooking or dealing with juice spills, your counter needs to be up to the task. Selecting the right countertop is a tedious task that requires knowledge and help from the professionals. With these tips, you’ll find the right material for your new kitchen.

Before you begin looking for a new countertop, set a budget. Countertops vary in prices based on the material. The higher the quality, the more you can expect to spend. Avoid overspending by knowing what you can afford and what you can’t. This makes your selection process much easier.

Once you’ve established a budget, familiarize yourself with the various counter options available. Laminate countertops are particleboards with sheets of plastic laminate attached to them. Butcher block is a thick countertop crafted from real wood. Granite, marble, soapstone, and limestone are popular choices and made from slabs of real rock. Quartz is an engineered composite material that’s designed to be resilient.

Depending on your preferred countertop material, specific measures must be taken to maintain the surface. Some may require you to seal them regularly or avoid placing hot pans on them. Understand the ins and outs of each material before committing to a purchase.

When in doubt, leave it to the professionals. Impact Countertops is committed to providing nothing but the best products paired with the best customer service. We’re a Georgia based company dedicated to our customers. Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen countertop or to remodel an existing bathroom, our experienced design and install experts can make your dream a reality.

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