Tips for Choosing The Right Countertop Color

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is full of difficult and important decisions. You have to choose the perfect cabinets, which type of flooring you would like, the material of countertops, and which appliances and accessories will adorn the space. There is also the important task of deciding on a countertop color. Before shopping around for countertop installation in Roswell, GA, use these tips to determine the desired color for your countertops.

Color Scheme

One of the first decisions you will need to make when remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is the overall color scheme. You will want to choose three colors, with two simple dominant colors that will be used a lot, and one bold and exciting accent color. You can choose whichever colors you’d like, but they should complement each other.


The color of your countertops should look nice with the color of your cabinets. If your cabinets are white, you may want a bold countertop color to break up the monotony. If your cabinets are made of wood or black in color, white countertops would look great.

Changing Colors

Keep in mind that the colors you choose in your bathroom or kitchen will change and fade over time. The color of your walls is especially likely to change if they are hit with direct sunlight. Choose a countertop color that will look nice regardless of any color transformations that may occur.


Before making any final decisions on your countertop color, make sure to bring home plenty of samples to try out in your home. You will never know how a color will look until you see it in the space where it will be used, with the correct lighting and up against the other colors of the room.

After choosing a color for your countertops, choose accessories and appliances that fit into the overall theme. Though remodeling can be an overwhelming task, every decision can be made easier with the help of local shops and professionals. These tips will help you for finding both kitchen or bathroom countertops in Roswell, GA.