The Evolution of Granite Countertops

November 26, 2018 pgallagher 0 Comments

Today, every homeowner is familiar with granite countertops. They’re known for their beauty and strength, but that wasn’t always the case. It took time and innovation for granite to become as popular as it is today. In fact, granite wasn’t even used for countertops until the 1980s.

The Beginning

Granite enjoyed its first fame in 1987. At that point in history, granite was widely available in only two colors. Initially, granite was an architectural material. IT was primarily reserved for offices, skyscrapers, and other projects that could afford the expense. For many homeowners, it was still too pricey. Over the next decade that would change. Granite prices came down, and its available variety grew. As affordability improved, the demand for granite exploded, and homeowners fell in love with granite countertops.

From Local to Global

During granite’s formative years, it was a strictly local business. In the Northeast, your granite originated in Vermont. If you lived in the Great Plains, your slab was shipped from Minnesota. In eastern Canada, you’d get your granite from quarries in Quebec. Granite was heavy, and it was challenging to sculpt and shape. Transportation was an issue, and the process was massively labor intensive. It’s little wonder that it was so costly when it first arrived on the market.

Sourcing granite from India or Brazil proved cheaper. The cutting of slabs became easier, faster, and more cost effective with new technology. Most slabs for countertops are a uniform 3/4 inch. With the right equipment, the work can be done on site. This eliminated the shipping of waste materials, and granite became a global business with an affordable product.

Today’s Countertops

Today, granite is by far the most popular material for kitchen countertops worldwide. It beats out other natural stones, as well as manufactured materials. Being a beautiful and durable option for countertops, granite is highly sought after by homeowners. Many manufactured stones try to imitate the appearance of granite, since it’s so beloved. If you need granite installation in Marietta, GA, contact experienced professionals. For assistance or additional information, speak with the experts at Impact Countertops.

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