How Etching Affects Your Marble

1650702_Impact Countertops_How Etching Affects Your MarbleEtching is a permanent flaw that develops in marble surfaces that have been exposed to acids and moisture. Chemicals react to the natural stone and eat away at the surface. These are the most prominent ways that etching affects marble countertops.

First of all, etching will dull the surface. Acids dull the polished outer surface of a marble slab, exposing the less brilliant layer underneath. Etching will also discolor marble, fading its naturally beautiful hues.

Acids that have collected around the rim of a cup or glass will form permanent rings in the marble, similar to the watermarks that form on wood surfaces. Look closely at marble in a public space, like a hotel or fine restaurant, and you’ll be able to see years of glasses being placed on the surface.

Etching can also make marble lose its reflectivity. Etched areas on marble will look more matte and less reflective than the remainder of the countertop. You may not even notice etching until sunlight hits the surface.

Finally, etching can cause blotches and spots in your countertops. Severe etching will leave behind swaths of dull areas, making the surface look blotchy and uneven, rather than smooth and polished.

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