An Overview of Marble Countertops

Marble is highly desired for use in countertops because of its attractiveness and color quality that can add character to any kitchen design. Marble is also an affordable stone solution if you’re on a limited renovation budget.

Marble is visually appealing, but it’s also high maintenance, which turns some people away from using it for countertops that are heavily used on a daily basis. You should know what you’re getting when shopping for marble countertops in Smyrna, GA, to install in your kitchen or bathroom.

Stone Finishes

This type of stone is metamorphic, but not as hard as granite. It can be ordered in polished and honed finishes. Polished finishes won’t stain easily and are shiny and bright, but can scratch and show wear over time. A honed finish is not as bright, yet reveals fewer scratches and etchings. It is more susceptible to staining without an application of sealant as a preventative measure.

Keeping It Clean

Marble is a porous stone and vulnerable to staining. It is also chemically structured to react to acids, and prolonged exposure can lead to etching on its surface. Due to its potential for staining and etching over time, marble requires regular care and maintenance to retain a pristine appearance.

Warm soapy water typically does the job of cleaning marble, and stains that form can be removed with baking soda and water. The application of sealant designed for marble is often recommended to keep your countertops in good condition.

Making a Choice

Carrara marble is highly popular as a countertop material. Many say it is more affordable than granite and stainless steel. Calacatta is a rarer, whiter variety of marble that carries a higher price tag. There is also cultured marble, an alternative to pure marble that incorporates sealant and resin properties that requires less maintenance.

Marble has a quality and elegance to it that requires regular care and maintenance, so you have to ask yourself if marble is right for you. Your choice of marble countertops in Smyrna, GA, should reflect the style and character of the kitchen or bathroom where it will be installed. Your best bet is to discuss your choice with an expert in marble countertop installation in Smyrna, GA. That person will assist you in evaluating your choices to help you make the right selection.