4 Innovative Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2018

Do you want to impress your guests and enrich your home life with a stylish, new kitchen? Don’t just copy what you see in magazines. Find an original and innovative solution for your kitchen that improves its functionality, design elements, and currency for many years to come.

If you want a unique approach to renovating your kitchen, try one of the 4 design concepts. Renovation contractors and kitchen countertop installers in Roswell, GA, can help you transform your kitchen one of these 4 ways.

The Multipurpose Islands

No matter how elegant it may be, the refrigerator should never be the centerpiece of a kitchen. Instead, focus your renovations on the kitchen island with compact appliances, storage solutions, hide-away beverage racks, and barstools. Try natural stone kitchen countertops options, like granite or quartz, for a beautiful topper to your kitchen island.

Innovative Storage

Excessive cabinetry can shrink a kitchen, cut off traffic flow, and hide important sightlines, like to the dining room or bar. Pare down your countertops and make the best out of what remains with unique storage solutions, like roll-out trays, small appliance garages, and cookware caddies.

Black and White Marble

One of the best kitchen countertop ideas to reemerge is the black-and-white marble surface. A more comfortable alternative to the stark-white kitchen that was popular in years past, white countertops and backsplashes gives texture and character to a minimalist space.

Smart Kitchens

Design for smart cooking and cleanup with high-tech kitchen appliances. Appliances with LED touch screens, Wi-Fi access, and high-efficiency features will make your kitchen more practical. Also invest in heavy-duty materials like stain-resistant paint for your walls and cabinetry, as well as stain and heat-resistant quartz countertops.

Do you want more ideas to truly transform your kitchen for the ultimate “after” reveal? Talk to¬†kitchen countertop installers in Roswell, GA. The countertops are the most important style feature of your kitchen, so it’s important to start your renovation by exploring your countertops options.